The Red Dream: Rêve Rouge, A Concept Store In Bayview Village

Liliana Mann’s Rêve Rouge conceptualized and opened its doors earlier this summer in the Bayview Village Shopping Center.

Liliana, who is the owner of the Linea Intima chain, dreamt of a place where the daughters of her current clientele also felt at home and enjoyed shopping for their intimates. Rêve Rouge, french for ‘red dream’, was born out of this desire: A Parisian inspired lingerie collection for today’s youth. The brand hosted a launch party in honour of the first-of concept store last Wednesday, drawing like-minded fashionistas to an oasis for lingerie lovers.

As an attendee of their launch party, I had a glimpse into some of the collections while chatting with Liliana and Jennifer Wong, her senior buyer for both Linea Intima and Rêve Rouge. They explained how the carefully curated collection came from different parts of the world. Selected pieces from the Vogue-approved Else brand of Turkey, Canadian labels Fortnight and Mary Young, and Juana de Arco’s one-of-a-kind mixed print bralettes and undies from Argentina among a few other unique finds. The one that really caught my eye was UK’s Bluebella, with it’s feminine classic yet provocative aesthetic. The search is endless, but the end result speaks for itself. These are labels and styles you won’t find readily in Canada and that is what makes the opening of this store only the beginning of a long story.

I even took to trying some of the garments myself. It was really hard not to, I was in admiration and really feeling the amorous mood. The Parisienne mood. And coming from a design background, my curiosity sparked a desire to feel out the fabrics and fit. I purposely chose an eclectic variety: A sheer and bondage-style bodysuit from Else, paired with a classic noir silk robe by Gold Hawk, and a Andres Sarda head turning laced demi cup bra. Fabrics were generally soft and luxe, without the fuss. Fit was comfortable and the styles were flattering for the most part. Even considering I hadn’t stepped into the gym in over a month! I also spotted glitter nipple cross tapes for a mere $16 a pair which would work perfectly with the current sheer dress trend that is definitely having a centre stage moment in fashion.

In addition to the stealthy boudoir looks, the store carries a collection of personables- candles, dainty jewellery and little inspiration books.  The Frenchy way is reflected in these personal items, along with other French favourites like Epure, Passionata and Implicite. The youthful brand’s Juana de Arco collection offers comfy and colourful chic, made from mixed prints paired together and unlike anything else in the store. What makes it even more special is that no two pieces are the exact same. Shall we say couture?

Juana de Arco

Popular yoga performance wear brand, ALO, also hangs in the Rêve Rouge world. Perfect in case you feel uneasy surrounded by all the itty bitties and decide on a new gym resolution while still shopping. It really is about the stylish and sassy atmosphere in there, buying into a lifestyle, instead of the regular “bra-fitting” experience at its sister store. The Reve rouge girl is fearless and wild, a traveller and a socialite.