The Right Sunglasses

Find the right sunglasses for your face.

How to find the right sunglasses for your face shape

Ever notice how sunglasses that look amazing on your friend can make you look like a bug (or an alien… or worse, an alien-bug)? The problem is not the shape of your face; it’s what the shape of the sunglasses is doing to the shape of your face. This guide will help you decipher the selection next time you’re in the market for a pair.

A flattering pair of shades is all about proportion, which is why certain frame-shapes look better on certain face-shapes. But proportion is also why not every single pair of cat-eyes will look good on you, even if it’s your go-to style—they may be too wide, too narrow, or simply too big or small. Once you’ve narrowed down your most flattering shapes, the next step is to try on several for size until you’ve found the right fit.

First, find the basic shape of your face:

Oval Faces are narrower than they are long, with a rounded jawline.

Square Faces are roughly as wide as they are long, with a strong, square jawline.

Heart-Shaped Faces are roughly as wide as they are long, with a jawline that comes to a point at the chin.

Round Faces are roughly as wide as they are long, with a rounded jawline.

Then, check out which frames are right for you:

  1. Oversized

Works Best On: Round and Oval-Shaped Faces

Both round and oval faces naturally narrow at the top and bottom, so large, oversized frames actually have the effect of making your face look leaner, because they sit right over the widest point.

  1. Cat-Eye

Works Best On: Square, Oval, and Heart-Shaped Faces

Good news: Not only are cat-eyes an absolute classic and always in style, they’re also one of the most universally flattering frame shapes. Look for shades that are in proportion to your face (they shouldn’t be oversized); and to avoid a dated look, steer clear of anything too costume-y, like rhinestones or exaggeratedly narrow shapes.

  1. Aviators

Works Best On: Oval and Heart-Shaped Faces

These frames can be ultra-modern or have a 70s-throwback appeal. But buyer beware: because of the low-dipping triangular lens shape, this silhouette can make round or square faces look a bit unbalanced. You need a face that’s a little on the long side, or a narrow chin that echoes the lines of the lenses, to really pull off this style.

  1. Round

Works Best On: Oval, Heart, and Square-Shaped Faces

The curves on round frames soften the angles on square- and heart-shaped faces, and oval shapes have the length to balance this style. Avoid the circle look, though, if you also have full cheeks, as the lenses will just accentuate that shape.


SOURCE: Real Simple