“The Second Wife”, A Memoir of Betrayal, Abuse and Resilience

Shirin Ariff Releases Heart-Wrenching Memoir, “The Second Wife”, available on Amazon now.

Author Shirin Ariff releases her new heart-wrenching memoir The Second Wife, a story about betrayal, abuse, hardships and the resiliency that pulled her from the storm. In The Second Wife, author Shirin Ariff takes us back to her picturesque childhood with her prestigious Indian family. When she grew up, she was expected to marry well, have children, and please her husband till death do them part. Her first marriage cut that timeline short. Despite being a brilliant man, her husband was plagued by demons in the form of drug addiction. Out of the ashes of their marriage, Shirin was given the most amazing gift: her firstborn daughter, Sabah. However, a beautiful child wasn’t enough to save what had been broken. His addiction led Shirin to learn a monumental life lesson: only you can heal yourself. The marriage ended, leaving Shirin scarred and shell-shocked.

Divorce was not approved of in the Indian culture; if it happened, it was assumed to be the woman’s fault. Shirin felt the judgment and negativity thrust at her and it severely affected her self-worth. With low self-esteem and open questions about the future, Shirin knew she needed to remarry. Her knight in shining armor arrived, but he was hiding a tarnished inner layer. Sahir was an Indian living in Canada and he won Shirin’s heart.

Shirin and Sabah got on a plane that would take her to a treacherous next chapter of her life. The Second Wife immerses its readers through a rollercoaster of emotions as Shirin illustrates the adversities of her new life. From false promises to forced slavery and unexpected illnesses, The
Second Wife will keep its audience captivated and inspired with its true story of a relentless comeback. “I am humbled to be sharing my story with the rest of the world in my new book The Second Wife,” said Shirin Ariff. “I intend that my story not only inspires people to take control of their own destinies, that it gives them the understanding to recognize their own inner strength and affirms that through perseverance you can achieve and accomplish the best life you deserve.”

The Second Wife recently hit the number one international best seller list on Amazon in the category of Divorce and Separation. The book is now available for purchase on Amazon.

About Shirin Ariff
Shirin Ariff is an inspirational speaker, author, and women’s empowerment coach committed to helping women find their strength. After braving immigration to Canada and surviving thyroid cancer, Shirin understands adversity. Despite the lemons that life handed her, she dug deep and found resilience. Today, she empowers other women to become their own North Stars. Through her three mediums-speaking, writing, and coaching- Shirin relates to women who are feeling defeated. Her motivational guidance teaches women to cultivate their inner strength and believe in themselves. Her mission is to foster a culture that supports compassion, diversity and generosity. Shirin is committed to helping women experience freedom from their past, freedom of selfexpression and the freedom to create the life that they love.

For more information, please visit https://shirinariff.com or https://beyourownnorthstar.com