The Secrets for Glowing Skin this Spring

As the spring sun welcomes warm breezes and longer days our skin needs a little TLC and restorative help so we can get that fresh face glow.

After the long exposure to harsh winter temperatures, and frosty winds, we seek to bring back a fresh face look.  To uncover insider secrets to achieving a glowing complexion we consulted two skin care expert – Skin Specialist Suzanne Weaver and Skin Therapist Alison Cosgrove.

Hydration was the one word that came up again and again when speaking with our experts.  As the weather patterns are shifting, the change in air temperature directly affects the level of moisture in the skin.  Suzanne remarks, “With temperatures fluctuating outside, and furnace air circulating inside, drinking water and using a product like Hyaluronic acid for moisture is very beneficial.”  Ladies, keep your water bottles full!

We all want to achieve a youthful glow and hydration is absolutely a key part of that equation.  Alison gives us a little more insight into the reasons why, “We can all stand to drink a few more glasses of water each day, but skin hydration doesn’t stop there.  Skin hydration is directly connected to the state of the lipid barrier which helps retain moisture and fend off infection. Amino acids (some of which are naturally produced by the body) are often described as the building blocks of the skin as they help all the other cells in the skin function well and produce the proteins and fibres that keep us looking young.”  When it comes to product choice Alison’s top pics are Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum and the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer from the Eminence Organic Skincare produce line.  She explains, “When this serum is applied before the moisturizer your skin is prepped and ready to retain all the good nutrients the moisturizer has to offer.”

Another important step in creating exceptional skin is to incorporate exfoliation into your routine.   Suzanne explains how to achieve soft gorgeous skin, “By doing a gentle facial exfoliation every other day for a two week period your skin will feel like it had a mini vacation.”  Incorporating this routine will only take a few minutes of your time but the results will be stunning.  Those few extra minutes are definitely worth it if you are seeking a gorgeous fresh glow.

Finally, we certainly cannot talk about skin protection without mentioning sunscreen.  It is imperative to incorporate sun protection into your routine throughout the year.  Sunscreen is particularly essential in spring as we enjoy stronger sun exposure for longer periods of time.  Sunscreen helps to keep our skin protected from the damaging rays and keeps us looking young.  Our Skin Specialist Suzanne remarks, “Sunscreen is always on trend.  It protects us from UV rays and reflections from pavement, snow covered surfaces and windshields.”  When it comes to sunscreen the rule of thumb is to never leave home without it.

Following these helpful tips will ensure you have glowing gorgeous skin as the season changes from winter to spring.  By loving yourself, and taking care of your skin, you will feel fabulous — both inside and out.