Tips for Spring Cleaning

How To Declutter This Spring

When there’s too much clutter in the house, you may find yourself wasting time looking for items and fretting about the mess, instead of enjoying your surroundings. In fact, many health experts have linked external mess to mental stress. Fortunately, there are many simple things you can do to help clear the clutter and make your house a haven.

Make the process more manageable right off the bat by tackling one room at a time — and don’t do it all in one day. Decluttering can be more fun by putting on some favourite tunes and getting family members involved too. 

Grab four bins and divide them into items you want to keep, toss in the garbage, donate and store. Let go of broken, outdated and useless stuff. Remember that there are worthy organizations like Diabetes Canada that will come and pick up your unwanted appliances, clothes and other household items free of charge.

Clear off flat surfaces in the kitchen (including the top of the fridge) and elsewhere by removing anything you don’t use on a daily basis. File bills and other mail and put appliances you don’t often use out of sight in cupboards. Wipe down pantry shelves and get rid of expired foods and spices. Using clear jars makes it easier to see when you’re running low on supplies.

Open up your entrance or mudroom by removing excess coats and shoes every season. Add ample hooks and a shoe rack to keep things tidy. Keep a pretty basket near the door where you can toss your keys and cellphone, and another for hats and gloves.

Once you’ve removed all the excess stuff, make it a habit to consciously check for clutter on a regular basis before it becomes overwhelming. When you’re done, remember to sit back, relax and enjoy your clutter-free home.

Source: NewsCanada