Top Tips To Cope With Workplace Stress

There are ways you can cope with workplace stress.

Improve your work week and banish the strain on your physical and mental health with these workplace tips.

  1. Tidy up. Mess equals stress, so keep a neat workspace to encourage a clutter-free mind. Set aside five minutes at the end of the day to organize stray papers, toss garbage and straighten out your computer and supplies.
  2. Manage conflict. Chances are you’ve experienced conflict in the workplace, which is commonly caused by warring egos, personality clashes, poor leadership and stress. Beat disagreement-related stress with conflict prevention and a balanced perspective. “Focus on learning to separate the problem from the person,” recommends Dr. Barbara Benoliel, a conflict resolution expert and faculty member at Walden University’s Barbara Solomon School of Social Work and Human Services. “You will become more skilled and qualified to reduce and resolve conflict, and will gain respect in the workplace.”
  3. Incorporate relaxation exercises. Do something calming when you’re feeling tense. Everyone has something that’s especially helpful, but many benefit from gentle stretches, playing soft music or going for a walk and reconnecting with nature.


SOURCE: News Canada