Travel, How I Love Thee!

All love has a common denominator, and that common denominator is curiosity.  Falling in love involves a desire to learn more about a new world that you have discovered and a yearning to absorb every last wonderful thing it has to offer.  This is true of all types of love, including a love of travel.

When you fall in love with travel, the adventures you seek are so much bigger than merely escaping to a foreign land to relax for a short period of time. A lust for travel stems from a deep desire to embark on a journey of discovery. When travel gets in your blood you become enchanted with the mystery of a foreign culture and discovering the pulse of something completely different for the familiar.

One of the most sensuous experiences linked to travel is the opportunity to sample a foreign cuisine, thus becoming more familiar with a new palate. Having the chance to interact with local ingredients and gorgeous new dishes will create memories that will be remembered fondly for years to come.  Your palate will deepen as you sample the farm fresh vegetables, aged cheeses, centuries old secret sauces and so much more.  Flirting with delicious local recipes will create the most wonderful of food addictions and will be sure to keep you coming back for more.

Falling in love with a new country or city goes hand in hand with falling in love with the locals and the culture. A trend in travel is to go off the beaten path to become part of the heartbeat of the people. The popularity of Air B&B has encouraged this sense of belonging and live-like-a-local mentality.  The love of discovery runs much deeper when you feel like you are part of the culture, even for a short time.  This more connected approach leads to meeting wonderful neighbours and new friends who share stories of history and point out where to go to experience the true vibe of the city. The journey of discovery can include visits to the local theatre, the local watering holes, beaches that are off the tourist path, markets full of local treasures and less advertised festivals or concerts.  Feeling that pulse of the local culture will encourage a love affair with foreign lands, and the experience of travel itself.

Experiencing these assaults on the senses will open your heart allowing a whole new world to enter in.  The influence may last for a few days or it could completely change the course of your life.  The experience of travel provides the chance to grow as a person and discover unexpected new loves that will become part of you for the rest of your life.  Like all great love affairs, the wonderful memories you have created will only become more treasured as time passes.

When you are ready, travel will always be waiting and willing to join you on your next adventure.