Trusted Asian Guide (TAG), The Online Asian Wedding Directory You Can Trust!

Trusted Asian Guide (TAG) – online Asian wedding directory.

It’s the most eventful time of the year as wedding season is in full swing! Wedding planning is often described as bittersweet as it’s a joyous and exciting time, but let’s be honest – there’s also a TON of stress. From choosing venues to vendors, finalizing your guest list, and still managing to get some sleep in between – it can be a long and confusing process. Why not simplify that?

Traditionally, wedding directories offer different categories pertaining to weddings and a vast number of vendors. Who do you choose? How do you know who will really help to execute your vision?

That’s where Trusted Asian Guide (TAG) comes in. TAG, is the modern-day, easily accessible online Asian wedding directory. Based in the UK, it offers a searching capability that will help ensure your wedding process goes smoothly by using #tag keywords. For example, looking for a 3-tiered Gold embroided wedding cake? Just type in the keywords “#3-tier #gold #embroided” and all vendors who have what you’re looking for will appear! No need to go through a list of cake vendors and make a round of phone calls. TAG vendors are encouraged regularly to upload current images to ensure customers get all the latest trends.

Another bonus – you’ll no longer have to watch wedding trailers wondering, “Hmm, what vendors did that couple use?” TAG will be featuring wedding trailers that include links to all of those vendors. This can really come in handy for those seeking some wedding inspiration!

So, how exactly did TAG begin, you ask?

Founders and newlyweds, Pritpal and Sonia unfortunately had a bad experience planning their wedding last year. Sonia spent hours trolling through the internet finding images of décor which they liked but couldn’t find the vendors names. Pritpal had similar issues with his sherwani. He found the exact designer sherwani but couldn’t find anyone to make it. Had a similar issue? This is where the added feature of ‘TAG Forum’ was born. Customers can drag and drop images into Forum allowing vendors to directly contact them with their proposals. No wasted time ringing around trying to find those bespoke pieces!

Most unfortunately, the vendors were unable to execute their vision on their special day, and tremendously let the couple down. The couple have creative backgrounds with Pritpal being an architect, and Sonia – an advertising art director. And so, an innovative idea was born. They felt inspired to help other couples after going through a bad experience on their wedding day. It wasn’t until they were on the flight to their honeymoon that they thought of TAG. The name Trusted Asian Guide is not being taken lightly. ‘Trusted Vendors’ will form the basis of the platform with these vendors being verified through their past weddings, contracts, PI insurance etc. this will be implemented soon after the launch.

Although TAG is a UK based platform, many vendors on the website also do worldwide shipping ranging from jewellery to clothing. Make sure to inquire with the vendors beforehand, if you require international shipping.

If there are any couples planning destination weddings in the UK, any UK readers, and all others who are interested – be sure to check out TAG on social media!

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