Turn IT off

Tablet device

Imagine walking into a restaurant or a bar and seeing people connect with each other through meaningful conversations. Where people have put away their technological gadgets and are enjoying their food and drinks. On my recent trip to France, that is exactly what I observed. Where people were relaxed and were enjoying their meal without the stress of thinking about work. What a refreshing observation!

Too often we feel locked down checking our work emails and other social media that we do not pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us. Mental health issues are at an all-time high and there is continuous neglect on the overall health of our bodies. So how do we change that?

Simple things such as turning our phones off several times a day can change the mental state dramatically. In France, people take the time to enjoy their breaks and honour their own time. Whether it is on a patio or sitting in a garden, people tend to take the time to enjoy the scenery thus looking happier and a lot less stressed.

Give yourself a break! By turning the technology off for even an hour a day, you can take time to breathe and connect with yourself and loved ones. Honour and cherish these moments away from technology and the level of stress will begin to disappear. Now that is worth turning the technology off!