UNIQLO: Japan’s leading clothing brand comes to Canada

One of Japan’s most loved and unique brands is finally coming to Canada. Established in Japan in 1984, Uniqlo is now an international retailer with over 1700 stores in 17 countries and now as of Fall 2016 Canada will be the 18th.

Uniqlo is “Life Wear, Simple made Better”, affordable casual clothing for men, women and children based on the Japanese values of simplicity, quality and longevity. They sell everything from cashmere sweaters to merino wool overcoats to weather repellent coats to socks.

uniqlo 2I first was introduced to Uniqlo when I lived in Japan over 10 years ago. It was the place to go if you needed your basics; T-shirts, tank tops, socks, under wear – you name it.  A rainbow of vibrant colours welcome you when you first enter any Uniqlo store. The focus is on having a smaller collection but making it available in every colour you can think of, producing quality textiles and advanced technology in synthetic materials. I can say from my own experience they hold up to their promise. My first purchase was a shirt with dry technology that saved me during the super humid Japanese summer that lasted me for years.

This fall you will be able to purchase some of Uniqlo’s clothing that brings you quality and innovation at real value. Uniqlo’s first Canadian stores will be opening at Eaton’s centre and Yorkdale this fall just in time for back to school.