Unplug From Technology For Your Next Nature Vacation

Ideas For Your Nature Getaway and Digital Detox

If you want to do a digital detox or simply spend a bit less time on your phone, a nature vacation is one of the best ways to disconnect fully from your daily routine. Fresh air, physical activity and the silent beauty of landscapes and wildlife are the perfect way to refuel body and mind.

Whether you want to stay in Canada or travel a bit further from home, enjoy some adventure, or just get in touch with nature, there are many places for outdoor lovers to visit. Here are some ideas for an outdoor getaway:

Hike through the Canadian Rockies. Discover the majestic mountain views and turquoise lakes of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake – they’re also the best local areas for spotting moose, black and grizzly bears, and other wildlife. For a mountain area similar in size to Banff but wilder and less travelled, try the provincially protected Kananaskis Country. The mountain scenery of jagged peaks, lakes and glaciers provides a stunning backdrop to the wilder forests and streams found here.

California national parks. The Gold Rush once drummed up fevered dreams of a near-mystical land filled with promise. Today, the California dream still thrives in the openness of its locals and the beauty of its landscapes. Follow Highway 1 along the Pacific Rim for a road trip punctuated with must-stop hot spots and life-affirming scenery, or stay put to experience the layered character of the Golden State. If you visit San Francisco, make sure to plan a day or two in Yosemite National Park.

Hawaiian Islands. If you want to participate in a traditional Hawaiian luau, kayak along the Wailua River, hike through Waimea Canyon and cruise along the Napali Coast, then check out Kauai Island. If hiking volcanic craters and horseback riding along farmlands and waterfall paths are more your style, you’ll want to visit The Big Island.