The Updated List of Summer Basics

When it comes to summer fashion, we all know that there are lists of the inevitables. We all know that basics like sunglasses, trendy jewelry and bright colours  are something that definitely take place in the summer time. But do we really understand the updated trends that 2014 has in store for us besides the typical maxi dress? To step your style game up a notch, read below!

So starting with my favourite summer accessory, the ever so convenient sunglasses. We’ve seen the oversized pair taking over for the past few years now. This year brings forth a new shape to shades. The bigger the better! My personal favourite has to be anything with pointy edges. These have been spotted being worn by celebrities and socialites alike as there is something very chic about sharp edged eye coverings.

I don’t have a single girlfriend who doesn’t have a perfect little black dress in her wardrobe. Now I understand a staple mini is what we all tend to gravitate towards, but why not spruce up this basic with current trends and take the extra step to becoming a little more stylish. With cut outs, and sheer panelling making a big comeback, look for a black dress that encompasses such features.

I’m very well aware that a heel is the obvious choice when trying to complete your sexy date night outfit. But what if I was to tell you that with the latest designs, a flat is very much capable of achieving a similar look? I have one word for you – rockstud.


Through these three examples, you can see where I’m going. Basically taking staple pieces and enhancing them to become an extra special, versatile and stylish item in your closet that works with multiple looks.