Uppekha Jain, joins the cast of Bollywood television’s No.1 daily soap opera


Canadian actress, Uppekha Jain has landed a spot on Bollywood’s number one daily soap opera, Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

Jain is a business graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University. She dropped her promising corporate career with Cadbury Adams in 2009, in pursuit of the glitzy entertainment industry. In 2010, she won the Miss India Canada Worldwide pageant and went on to secure the title of First Princess Miss India Worldwide at the world finals in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Soon after the pageant she was featured in local commercials for various brands including, Blackberry, Clairol, Home Depot and others. She then landed a role in Mike Myers’ The Love Guru.

In 2012, Uppekha decided to move to Mumbai, a city she had visited briefly only once before, and explore the increasingly popular Bollywood Entertainment Industry.

In 2015, after 3 years of navigating through the unknown and culturally alien industry, Jain had successfully completed 2 festival films, 2 commercial film releases, over 20 TV commercials and had become a much sought after host for live events.

Jain still felt quite unsettled with many things she had seen and experienced while living in India. This prompted her to pen down the #RapAgainstRape, which went on to become an international internet sensation, and a catalyst for discussion and change in the way women were regarded and treated as in the Indian society.

Uppekha Jain made her debut as a supporting actress on the toprated show in May 2016, playing the scheming and conniving new daughterinlaw, bent on creating havoc for the show’s goody- two-shoes family matriarch. Her Hindi & English speaking character Monika Modi, has become widely popular with Indian audiences because of the ‘NRI Flair’, and Canadian English accent she has brought to her character.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya is one of the longest running shows on Indian television and has consistently been rated in the Top 3 TV dramas across the country. The show has over 1800 episodes. Saath Nibhana Saathiya airs across North America on the ATN Network and on the IBTV Box’s Star Plus USA & Star Plus India channels 9am (Star Pl us USA) and 7pm (Star Plus India) every single day,,,including Sunday’s!

“I had never imagined I would be acting in a show that is so far removed from anything I have ever experienced,” said Jain. “As a soap opera that appeals to the masses in India, I had thought it could turn out to be regressive in its treatment of its female characters; however, the show does a wonderful job of empowering women and projecting an idea that progressive, strong women are the ideal to strive for. Working in the Indian entertainment industry is ‘a whole new world!”

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