Vitamix love!


It’s a juicer, blender, grain mill, food processor, ice cream maker and so much more. The Vitamix has become THE gadget in my kitchen, I don’t even know how I was ever living without it. With such a busy lifestyle and workouts that need good whole food support, I was doing my research and nothing was even coming close to what the Vitamix had to offer. I decided to invest in myself on Christmas 3 years ago and spent the best $500 (I know it’s a lot) on the Vitamix that promised to be the only device I would need to live my healthy lifestyle. Let me tell you friends, I’ve never looked back or had one regret, it’s been worth every penny and more.

So how and why is this piece of awesomeness so awesome? Well for starters, I’m able to begin my day with the green smoothie of my choice. I throw in the kale leaf with the stem, the apple with the seeds and stem and the whole orange with the peel for extra flavonoids, which is where the nutrients we need are hiding to fully benefit from these important fruits. The Vitamix makes everything into liquid and doesn’t have thick pulp that I find hard to swallow from a juicer. It makes all my veggies and fruits so smooth, all while maintaining the benefits of the pulp in and not separating it like a traditional juicer. Everything is being digested for optimal benefits in its whole form and in less than 5 minutes, wow! I can make soup and it will even boil my soup, ummmm yes. I mean I was also not a believer when I first read the recipe book that noted all I needed to do for my carrot soup was throw in carrots in its whole form with some vegetable stock, and all other things I add to the stove when making my fav soup. It actually turned out to be true and so yummy! It actually boils my soup in less than 5 minutes. The turbo power is so high it will make things boil or freeze, YES I CAN EVEN MAKE ICE CREAM IN….WAIT FOR IT….LESS THAN 5 MINUTES!

Oh wait there’s more, I can chop my veggies for salads, because it’s even a chopper and I can make the healthiest pineapple salsa and still have time to enjoy my friends while entertaining. It’s deigned to make things, faster, easier and less complicated. If you love to cook, see how many International chefs are saying this is the best appliance they have discovered, which is a beautiful combination of power and versatility. The one thing I was most skeptical about was the cleaning process. When I’m running out for my quick morning workout or meeting for work, I don’t want to and I can’t afford to spend time on cleaning. So here is the cleaning process which still blows my mind every time I do this. I take my Vitamix after I’ve created my beautiful creation and add hot water/warm water with 2 pumps of dish soap, place it back on the blender and turn the turbo to high and magic, its washed. Now I rinse once and done, it’s all clean, that’s it. If I still haven’t convinced you that the Vitamix can and will fit any and all lifestyles, then go to or watch the hundreds of youtube videos that show personal trainers to moms to professional chefs all standing by this incredible product. So what are you waiting for, join the Vitamix love!