What RV Travel is Really Like

RV Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

Have you ever wondered what RV travel is really like? So many push away the idea because they think it’s “more expensive” and not “family friendly”, however, here are some RV travel tips just in time for your next summer adventure.

RV’s are Family Friendly

Bringing along children and/or pets on your RV is definitely a possibility. With such a huge variety of RV rentals, selecting the perfect rental for your family is key. Planning your route with multiple stops that everyone can enjoy is just another way to personalize your family friendly trip!

RV’s are Cost Efficient

Renting an RV does not have to cost an entire year of savings. Motorhomes on Outdoorsy can cost as little as $50 a night – that’s even cheaper than an average hotel price in Canada (around $187 a night)! There’s an RV for everyone, no matter the budget.

Fuel efficient driving

RV’s tend to be less gas-efficient than an average sized car, however, there are many ways to get more distance for your buck. There are many mobile apps available for RV travel, including the ability to compare costs at gas stations on your route. Other tips such as lightening your load in your RV and slowing down your speed to around 90 km/h can also help fuel efficiency.

Connect to the Internet 

If you prefer not to completely unplug from technology on your next trip, consider bringing along a portable router for your RV so that you can stay connected while on the move. There are also free Wi-Fi options at shops and RV parks – perfect for sharing your adventure live online!

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