Why You Should Switch Up Your Skincare Seasonally

As the seasons change, so do your skincare needs, especially in a country like Canada.

There’s nothing cute looking or feeling about dry, tight skin. That’s why you need to switch it up your skincare regime with the seasons the way you do your wardrobe.

Now that the lazy, hazy, days of summer are long gone, we asked Elizabeth Arden’s regional trainer Jamie Petrovic what we should have on our bathroom shelves for the fall and winter season.

Why is it important to switch up your skincare routine seasonally? 

Since we experience fluctuating temperatures throughout the year, it’s a good idea to pay extra attention to how our skin reacts from summer to cold winter months. Something as simple as switching from a light weight moisturizing lotion one has used all summer long to a cream-based moisturizer for the winter months might be all your skin needs changing from season to season. Also, if you feel that your cleanser is leaving your skin dry and tight in the winter months versus the summer months, it might be best to switch over to a cleansing oil or cream cleanser for the colder months.

What are the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to fall and winter skincare?

Maintaining a good skincare regimen all year long is important, but as the cooler days arrive, make sure the products you’re using are providing enough moisture and comfort to the skin. A good skincare regimen should always consist of proper cleansing, toning, adding a serum to be your ‘skin’s hero’ to solve any anti-aging issue, and adding the hydration your skin needs through your moisturizer on top. Products such as an essence are also great to add to your fall/winter skincare routine, as they are usually loaded with minerals and treat dehydrated skin. Within our skincare line at Elizabeth Arden, we have two different essences. A Ceramide Essence that infuses the skin with 73 minerals and helps to add ceramides into the skin to strengthen and firm, as well as a Prevage Essence that also infuses the skin with hydration, but is loaded with antioxidants to fight environmental aging.

How does the lack of sun influence your beauty routine?

This is an interesting question because on the skin-care side; sadly, many consumers feel that it is not necessary to wear sun protection during the fall and winter months, but we now realize that this is not true. A broad-spectrum environmental sun protector should be worn throughout the year. In regards to makeup, since we lose a bit of that sun kissed glow. one of my favorite make-up tools in the fall-winter months is my bronzer!

Are products that contain sunscreen sufficient enough to protect your skin in fall? 

This is a great question. Many moisturizers today contain an SPF built within their daytime moisturizers. Ideally, an SPF 30 is recommended in an everyday moisturizer.  The concern is that many consumers believe their SPF 30 in their moisturizer is enough protection, but actually it’s not. The primary job of a moisturizer is to hydrate and the SPF within it should be treated as a bonus feature to provide protection against common everyday UV rays. But the reality is that the SPF 30 in your moisturizer is not completely protecting the skin against full sun exposure, and a dedicated sun/environmental block (one that should be applied over moisturizer) should be used and reapplied every two to three hours for maximum protection. There are many different sunscreens on the market today that not only shield your skin from the sun but also do a lot more to protect your skin completely from all environmental assaults, such as our Prevage CitySmart SPF 50 mineral sunscreen that protects your skin from pollution, smoke, the sun, and helps protect your DNA.

How many times a year should you get a facial?

Everyone knows their skin best, and personally I would say three to four times a year is a good habit for the skin to receive a little extra care. On a side note, making sure we do our part in weekly exfoliation/masks is something that should be done by everyone to remove dead skin cells, increase a good cellular turnover to maintain a healthy skincare routine.

What are the biggest fall beauty trends we’re seeing this winter?

Within the skincare world, masks and innovative firming/lifting products are continuing to grow. There is a huge demand for these types of products and many brands including us at Elizabeth Arden are experimenting with new technology to help improve the look and health of the skin. In makeup, some fall/winter trends out there are the usage of reds, copper and orange desert-like eye shadow shades. Another new makeup trend is about the lips, the ‘blurred’ lip. Taking your finger and smudging lipstick over the lip liner, to give that blurred look around the edges of the lips.