Winter Life Hacks For A Cozy Season Indoors

With the holidays over and snow storms and frigid temperatures lurking outside, life’s better by the fireplace this time of year. So check out these clever hacks to keep you warm and toasty inside while you wait for spring’s arrival.

  1. Have an expert do your taxes. Avoid running around at the last minute collecting slips and paperwork by organizing your documents ahead of time all throughout the year. If you can afford it, skip the hassle altogether by hiring an expert or asking a family member that you can repay with babysitting services or a nice meal. If you feel motivated, you can also do them yourself in the comfort of your own home with tax software.
  1. Shop online. Nowadays, you can get almost anything shipped to your home, including clothes, books, beauty products and cleaning supplies. Plus, many stores offer additional discounts not found in stores along with free shipping for online purchases. You never need to venture out into the streets to buy a gift again.
  1. Shovel snow like a pro. If you can’t afford to hire someone to shovel your driveway, do it as efficiently as possible so you can get back to your blanket and cup of hot cocoa. Drink lots of water, stretch often, go out when the snow’s still powder-soft, and spray your shovel liberally with cooking oil so the snow doesn’t stick.
  1. Get your groceries delivered. Many big chains and smaller independent outlets now offer delivery for groceries and other household essentials. Some offer discounts the more you use the service, while others have the option of letting you drive to the store and wait in a parking spot for your goods to be brought to your car. You can even schedule delivery to make sure you never run out of your favourite treats.
  1. Get your payments by direct deposit. Forget having to brave the cold blistery weather to go outside to the bank and deposit your cheques. Receive your federal payments — including your pension benefits, the Canada Child Benefit and other tax-related payments such as the GST/HST credit — straight into your bank account by signing up for direct deposit. See your financial institution or go to for more information.


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