Enjoy Some Alone Time

Allowing time in your schedule for me time is incredibly important, especially if you rarely spend time alone. As social creatures, it can be hard for us to spend time by ourselves when we could be with others. But we must never underestimate the benefits of solo self-care.

Solitary time can help you have a better understanding of yourself, your thoughts and your emotions,” explains Katherine Muller, Associate Director at the Center for Integrative Psychotherapy. We couldn’t agree more, so here are three easy steps you can take towards enjoying time by yourself – even if you hate it.

Plan Your Me Time


If you rarely spend time alone, the thought of doing so can be quite daunting. After all, it could be boring or you could find yourself not knowing what you want to do. This is why planning ahead is a great idea for anyone who feels anxious about being left to their own devices.

Whether you plan to spend an hour or an entire day with me time, try listing some activities that you enjoy. It can be something really simple. You may just want to read that book you still haven’t managed to finish, catch up on all those Netflix shows everyone keeps talking about or try out some of those DIY tutorials you’ve seen on Pinterest.

Or you may like playing at the best online casinos in Canada, for example, and you wouldn’t be the only one. There are thousands of individuals across the country who enjoy playing roulette, blackjack or poker games too. There are hundreds of different activities you can fill your me time with, it all just depends on what you enjoy doing.

Schedule Your Me Time


In a 2010 survey, Statistics Canada reported that 29% of Canadians felt they barely had any time for fun. Plus, when it comes to scheduling activities most of our time will be devoted to friends, family and work. That’s just the way we are; we like to socialize and spend time with others when we are given the chance, and whilst this has it’s own benefits you may be hurting yourself if all your focus is on helping others and neglecting you. Everybody needs a little time to relax, recharge and rest.

This is why it is crucial to schedule in some me time before other plans take over and you’re left tending to others before yourself. By making a conscious decision to devote time to yourself you are taking the first step towards actually going through with it.

Enjoy Your Me Time


Now that you know what you’ll be doing during your me time and when it will take place, you can begin to relax into it. Remember that there are no rules when it comes to me time, so you don’t have to lie on the couch reading novels or create great works of art during your time alone if you’d prefer to do some DIY or play online games in your pyjamas.

When the time comes, just try to go with the flow and do whatever you want to. You could even light some aromatherapy candles to create a relaxing atmosphere. Or if you’re the kind of person who prefers to be active then by all means put on your favourite music and just dance!

Even if me time doesn’t come naturally to you at first, with a little practice we’re sure that you will begin to see the benefits. Soon, you’ll be pencilling in me time on a weekly basis.