How To Stick With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, people make resolutions that don’t get kept after January. Follow these helpful tips to help you stick to your goals.

  1. Make your objectives realistic and specific. Take small steps toward your larger goals. This way you can accurately measure your progress and celebrate your successes along the way.
  1. Set yourself up for achievement. Whether it’s taking time to meal plan or making sure you have the correct clothes for your workout, make sure you take an approach to your resolution that creates helpful habits. Having comfy and durable pants like the Denver Hayes 100 wash yoga leggings from Mark’s in your wardrobe will make it easy to stick to your fitness goals.
  1. Avoid past failures. Don’t make the same resolution year after year. If you tried something before and it didn’t work out, take on the same goal but use a different approach. Look at what worked and what didn’t, and then build a strategy around that.
  1. Keep a support system. Having someone who keeps you accountable and offers helpful advice toward your resolution can help your motivation. Better yet, work toward the same goal together. It will keep you on track and feel even sweeter when you both succeed.
  1. It’s alright to change your goal. Remember that resolutions and reaching goals is a process. Sometimes you won’t see substantial change in days or weeks. But if you don’t keep working, you’ll never get to see your progress over the course of months and the year.


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