4 Home Organization Tips For Busy Families


Celebrity designer Lisa Canning is no stranger to large families, with five kids of her own and another on the way. Drawing on inspiration from her personal life, she shares her top tips for on-the-go families of any size juggling school, work, after school activities, and weekend fun.

  1. Make the laundry room beautiful. Who said the laundry room can’t be a place of beauty? Applying great interior design principles to the space will help make a necessary chore more enjoyable. Try painting your laundry room in bright hues or using on-trend grey cabinetry for storage.
  1. Save time by investing in large capacity appliances. The right appliances go a long way towards shortening the time it takes to finish a task, which is why Lisa recommends her clients use top load washers and dryers. A great pick is the Maytag top load washer. The extra-large interior can clean large loads in one cycle to save a family precious time and energy.
  1. Personalize your laundry bins. Laundry can be daunting task, especially for large families. Lisa recommends personalizing laundry hampers by labelling them with name tags to help keep things organized.
  1. An organized fridge makes for organized meals. Don’t waste time trying to figure out where things are in the fridge. Choose a fridge with built-in adjustable temperature drawers for intuitive placement of foods and drinks, like the Maytag 4-door refrigerator. Its drawer is the perfect spot for meats or cheeses and lets you select a different temperature than the rest of the fridge based on what you’re storing.


Courtesy of: www.newscanada.com