Tanya Heath Paris

How many times have you gone out to a great party, wore your hottest heels only to feel that throbbing in your feet only an hour or two later and you have to take off those beautiful shoes and walk barefoot? Or wore your new pumps with a smart suit to make a great impression at the office only to have to switch into your workout shoes before you head home? We have all been there.

Finally for all of us who have suffered there is some relief, TANYA HEATH Paris. “Every day you are many women, and TANYA HEATH Paris has a heel for all of you.”

Tanya HeathTANYA HEATH Paris is a global luxury brand that creates transformative footwear and accessories for modern women founded by Canadian entrepreneur Tanya Heath. Today TANYA HEATH Paris is opening boutiques worldwide and offers a complete range of pumps, sandals, booties and boots all of which can be worn with its removable heels that come in several different heights, shapes and colours.

I know what your thinking how is this possible? How does it all work? It really is just a matter of choosing a style you like and clicking your heels into place. To attach a heel you slide it into place until your hear a click. To remove a heel, simply press your thumb on the black button inside the shoes and slide the heel off.

Tanya Heath 3The combinations are endless and every TANYA HEATH Paris shoe will work with every TANYA HEATH Paris heel. You may be imagining boring styles and looks, but these are fashion forward and on trend, with new collections coming out all the time. You can mix and match styles and colours galore!

This shoe is for you, not your closet.  You will actually wear this shoe, to work, to walk, to dance, to dine, to shop, to drive, to explore your world in comfort and style.

Take a look at http://www.tanyaheath.com/en to find a store close to you or to order online.