Get Back Into Your Fall Routine

How To Transition Into Your Fall Routine

Whether or not you have kids who go back to school or back to campus, getting back to a schedule is tough for everyone. Here are some tips to help you get settled into a routine:

One-stop shop: It can be overwhelming if you’re making several different trips to stores for your fresh and grocery, clothing and household items like new Tupperware, water bottles, thermoses and more. Visit a convenient store like the Real Canadian Superstore, where you can buy fresh produce, meat, home essentials, fashionable clothing and more, in a one stop-shop without breaking the bank.

Make a list. Although this might sound like another time-consuming task, it saves time in the long-run. A quick to-do list will help avoid last-minute dashes and can help you better manage your routes and budget so you can group together errands that are close in proximity and prevent splurges.

Meal-prep Sunday: Carve out some time on Sunday afternoon to meal prep for the week. Whether it’s getting ahead of school and work lunches or evening dinners, it will help you save hours during the week. You can dedicate a specific dish or day to each family member, so it takes the stress off one individual and lets you enjoy more down time together.

Make a family calendar: With so many hectic schedules and after-school activities, it’s important to have one family calendar with everyone’s commitments in one spot. This will help ensure no hockey practice or tutoring lesson is missed.

(Source: NewsCanada)