Stuffed Dates

Photo By: Adam Ahmed

I invented this recipe many years ago on a whim, and it was so popular that I have since made it many, many times to the delight of my family and friends. This is so simple; you only need 4 ingredients to make it a stunning addition to your dessert. I’m using Medjool dates in this recipe as it is the King of dates, a title well deserved as the date is large, plump and juicy. However, you can sub any other date of your choice.



50 Medjool dates

Marzipan – use half recipe

2-3 tbsps chopped pistachios

2-3 tbsps melted chocolate



Pit the dates by making an incision on one side of the date

Make a small ball of Marzipan and stuff it in the centre

Here is a link to make your own Marzipan –

Drizzle with chocolate and chopped Pistachios

Wait till the chocolate hardens and serve

Can be made a few days ahead