T’is The Season To Give

Imagine being ill in bed, going through a loss, having no one close in your life or being homeless around the holiday season. For these people everyone else seems to be happy –  shopping for loved ones, buying that holiday outfit for that special party and baking special treats with the whole family. Thinking of people going through hard times is an image we need to keep in mind during the holidays, if not all year round.

Most people do seem to be more giving and in a better mood with all the upcoming holiday events, excitement and being off work or school. On the other side, charities also seem to be more visible around this time of the year. This can be a win-win situation, where one person gives (it does feel good to give) and the other person receives (something they never would have been able to afford on their own).


Here are ways you can give this holiday season:

Teach your kids the gift of giving. Pick a charity that they can relate to, like a children’s charity and do something for that charity together. For example, you can buy pajamas, books or toys for an orphan. They can help you pick them out, wrap it and maybe even write a special note.

This year get together with family and friends to do some charity work. Figure out what charity is dear to your family/friends heart and get everyone on board. It could be something you do in your home as a group or go out in the community together.

Cut the secret Santa with your family or friends, instead donate that money or items to a charity. You can throw everyone’s name in a hat and pick one name. That person gets to decide which charity the money or items go to.

Rather than a work holiday party have a charity party. This could mean going out in the community or booking a meeting room at work and doing something there. It could be as simple as wrapping presents for a charity and you can make it a potluck or order lunch. It’s a great way to build relationships with co-workers.

Helping out doesn’t always mean that you need to give money; you can go to your local Food Bank or Hospital to volunteer your time. Anything is a great help even if it’s a dollar at a store that is collecting money for charity.

The holidays are a time to look back and reflect at all the things we have to be thankful for. Even if life isn’t the greatest or it’s been a rough year, there is always something good or great in your life. Unfortunately, there is always someone who is in a rougher situation. So, find a charity that is dear to you because everyone deserves to know that someone cares.