We Are Your Sisters: Yogathon 2016

The We Are Your Sisters (WAYS) Yogathon was held at the end of November. The venue for the event was theRitz Carlton Hotel Toronto.

This year the Yogathon instructors included: Beeta Senedjani, Theresa Johnson, Neesha Khanderia, Tai, Jenniferjit Sidhu and Aanchal Dogra.

There were also a few speakers present at the event. They included Daniel Pillai, Lissa Mattam and Sangita Patel. The event was hosted by Dilshad Burman and Randy Persaud.

The We Are Your Sisters campaign is aimed at supporting the fight against rape, human trafficking, and violence against women. They raise funds for these women through their annual Yogathon.

This year WAYS raised $6,000 through the Yogathon, to help women in need.