The Secret to Organizing Your Home

For those trading in their outdoor activities for some indoor fun, it’s time to get ready for all the extra time you’ll be spending inside. Here are some key tips to start getting your home organized this fall:

Declutter and repeat. Start by going through drawers, cupboards and closets and arrange items using boxes, baskets, containers and bins. Not only does this create a tidy space, but it makes it easier to find items. Next, either shred old papers that have been piling up or organize them using file folders. A colour-coded filing system works best — think green for your finances, blue for anything house related and orange for personal files. Lastly, hide cords using ties, boxes or hooks to instantly create a clear space.

Use the walls. Think of all the various items that can double as décor and storage that go up on walls in your main living spaces. Purchase a coat rack to ensure coats aren’t tossed over the banister anymore, put up floating shelves to store books and various knick-knacks, and install hanging canvas bins to store toys or scarves and toques. In closets and laundry rooms, add shoe racks and a variety of hooks to hang anything from keys and umbrellas to mops and brooms.

Give your items some second-hand love. This time of year, we’re usually shuffling all things summer into storage. But before you pack up last season, take time to sort through clothes, furniture and décor. Make a keep, donate and recycle pile to maximize storage space and eliminate clutter. But don’t stop there — go through other items that can be recycled, such as used batteries that pile up because you’re not quite sure what to do with them. Used batteries can be recycled to reclaim materials that can be used to make new items like golf clubs and silverware. Call2Recycle has more than 8,000 drop-off locations across the country, so one is bound to be close by. Find one nearest to you online at


SOURCE: News Canada