Exercise with Your Dog

Exercising with your dog outside can benefit both you of.

Top 3 ways to exercise with your dog outdoors

With the winter months finally behind us, gone are the days of treadmills and spin classes; it’s time to take your workout regimen outside. So, when you’re planning your next outdoor workout, choose exercises that benefit you and your furry four-legged friend.

Here are three fun outdoor exercises you can do with your dog:

  1. Go for a run, ride, or blade. Alas, you have found yourself the perfect running/biking/blading buddy — your dog. Whether you hit the city streets or the backwoods, it’s a win for everyone. Be sure to consider your pup’s size, age, and how well-trained he is when deciding whether he should tag along.
  1. Join outdoor agility or fitness classes. Aside from learning a new skill and staying active, agility classes for dogs and dog-friendly fitness classes are great ways to strengthen your bond and deepen your communication with your pet.
  1. Lace up the cleats. Playing soccer with your dog is a nice twist on the classic game of fetch. It increases your own cardio and keeps your dog sharp and engaged. Be sure to pack a few durable balls, just in case one pops.

After a long day of exercise, be sure you’re fueling your dog and yourself with a proper diet. Opt for a high-quality food that is complete and balanced.


Courtesy of: News Canada