Vitamin Treatment – SuperDose Through an IV?


I’ve suffered from migraines for years and I’m always willing to try what I can naturally do instead of the strong migraine medications MD’s are always in a hurry to prescribe me. So at my last visit to my
Naturopath Doctor, I got some interesting options for treatment in regards to my migraines. My Naturopath is convinced these migraines and all other hormonal issues are due to lack of nutrients in my body. Yes, I do eat a diet full of greens, proteins, grains and supplements, but it is how the body absorbs the vitamins from these foods. In my case my Naturopath says my body is not absorbing to its best ability.

This is a very common problem in many people these days, she explained. The stresses of lifestyle meaning stress from our jobs, family life, kids, relationships, and the environment all play a big role in the toxins our bodies are constantly fighting. So even if we are regularly hitting the gym and eating right, we still may have bigger obstacles due to these environmental demons.

My Naturopath suggested vitamin treatment, which is taking vitamins in one large dose through an intravenous drip. Instead of taking those horse pills, I like to call them; you get large doses of your daily vitamins injected right into your bloodstream though an IV for better results. I didn’t know if this was for me and still don’t know so I asked more questions. My Naturopath went on to explain that vitamin pills have to go through our digestive systems, where we hope that the active ingredients are being absorbed properly but there is no way of knowing this. Whereas ‘vitamin infusions’ go directly into our bloodstream bypassing the intestinal absorption process. She continued to tell me how she believes this is helping people fight off diseases and nutritional deficiencies but there are also no hard facts showing benefits for direct-to-the-bloodstream vitamins. However, there is no harm in using this therapy.

I believe if this is going to help a person feel healthier psychologically then go for it, but never substitute this for a healthy lifestyle. Supplements should only be a part of your entire health plan, never a replacement for food. The infusions are based on blood tests with your naturopaths and the cost can run from $30 to $100. I’m sticking to my food and horse pills for now, but maybe in the future, I will give this a try. Do your research and choose the best option that fits your lifestyle. As long as you have a plan and are making moves to feel your best, that’s all that really matters in how you decide to take your vitamins.