The Katy Kat Collection


She is fun, she is quirky, she is kitschy, she turns heads and catches your eye no matter where she is – Katy Perry is renowned for having a style all her own. Her retro glam look with bright colours and daring makeup can now be yours!Cat Call Demi-Matte Lipstick

Katy Perry has collaborated with Covergirl and created The Katy Kat Collection. Saying goodbye to her plain old cherry chapstick! Perry’s line is bold and vibrant. You will be the cat’s meow whether you wear one of the 13 demi- matte lipsticks or the 2 mascaras.

Trying on Parry PantherAt the recent Canadian launch event I sampled everything from Cat Call to Cosmo Kitty to Maroon Meow. The lipsticks are matte with a slightly glossy finish so you don’t get that dry lip feel. With so many cute colours you are sure to get the Purr- fect one for you.

The stars of the collection are unique and whimsical just like Katy Perry herself, Perry Panther black Perry Blue Mascaralipstick and Perry Blue electric blue mascara. I know what you are thinking – black lipstick?!?! I gave it a try blended with the Crimson Cat and loved the deep rich colour, great for a night on the town or just making that attention grabbing shocking statement.

The best part is the Katy Kat Collection is available at Walmart at affordable prices.